Welcome to the Flatline Bows website, where I hope you enjoy browsing my work and learning about the bows.
I am a bowyer based in Gordonvale, Far North Queensland.
After making my first, experimental bow in 2008, I developed Flatline Bows into three main models: The very popular MC2 (ideal for archers with a long draw), the super fast MC3 and the Flatliner, a recurve-longbow hybrid. For detailed information on each model, please take a look at the specifications page. Each bow comes with a five-year warranty.
As a carpenter I’ve long had an appreciation for timber and enjoyed working with it. So creating traditional bows is a great way I can combine my skills with my love of timber – as well as my recently discovered interest in archery.
Please take a look around the site and if you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to drop me a line or email on 07 4056 1278, 0414 654 511 or robnicoll@bigpond.com or rob@flatlinebows.com

Bow specifications

Flatline Bows come in a variety of forms - the MC2, the MC3 and the Flatliner. There are two basic take-down models available in various lengths and a one-piece recurve/longbow hybrid in two lengths.

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